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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Granny Square became a Pincushion

My intention was to make a blanket 

Well sometimes we get impatient or sidetracked while we are creating, dont we.. SMILE

I decided I would make a little pincushion with one of the square's from my post the other day.

I also thought I would do up a tutorial.. so I will endeavour to do that this week.

I will also do a tutorial on how to make a Granny Square... as Leeanne said she wanted to learn... Hopefully Leeanne this will inspire you to have a go!! 

Watch the space

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Granny Square

Im making some granny squares for a blanket.

I purchased some DMC crochet cottons to make some cocheted toys but be I found the cotton was splitting  was hard to work with.  So I decided to use them up and make a scrappy crochet blanket... I will add white around all the square then join them together.

One of my favourite things at the moment is corchet and knitting  at night while watching TV. It is so relaxing.

What are you creating at the moment?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Large Paperclips

This tutorial has been featured on Spoonful.com

You will find the tutorial HERE

People have asked me where to purchase the Jumbo Paperclips.

If you are wanting to know where you can purchase the Jumbo paperclips to make my Felt Flower Paperclip Tutorial

Go to Smiggle website

They are .50cents AUD each.  

I hope this helps

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Petite Cookies

Fondant cookies... these are tiny and sweet and cute

One of my loves is making sweet treats.
I made these just to try out a demonstration I saw recently.

Im on a baking roll... 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Crochet for Cancer

I was recently in a Hospice shop (in New Zealand Hospice helps those that are suffering from terminal cancer and their families). With my dad passing away 3 months ago and having numerous people in my life over recent years that have passed away from cancer or at present suffering with it, I have taken an interest in how I can support Hospice (this is not a funded place here in New Zealand)

I follow Crochet for Cancer on Facebook. Last week I asked if I could join the Hospice Craft Group so I could use my talent to make and donate goods to raise money for Hospice.  I start attending next week.  I am looking forward to making and creating for a very good cause.

I came across this site today with free Chemo Cap patterns I thought I would share.

I wondered if some of you would consider making a chemo cap to donate to Hospice for a child or an adult. 

Here is the link to donate in the USA  Click HERE

If you are in New Zealand can you email me on lydiastreasures@gmail.com and I can organise you to post it to me so I can pass donations on.

Click HERE to read more about Hospice New Zealand... it cost $99 million last year to fund Hospice, which is a free service and it is NOT funded by our government.

For the free patterns from Crochet for Cancer

Hat Size Link

Learn to Crochet

If you would rather make something else that is fine too... just a little something to help goes along way.

Blessings to you

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Some of my latest ....

I have been doing a hand stitching class with a lovely Korean lady here in Auckland
She is a fantastic teacher and has taught me many new techniques.

The above bag is a large carry bag with pockets on the inside and a large drink bottle pocket on the outside.
This entire bag is hand stitched, hand quilted and hand embroidered.
The handles on the bag have also been hand stitched on.

I loved making this bag so much. I love hand stitching the Japanese method... not much use for a sewing machine handsewing everything.

I also did a class to make this owl brooch. 
All hand made with no sewing machine either.

I am also enjoying knitting. 
I have been knitting mainly at night.
This is a cute knitted vest, booties and beanie for a newborn little girl. 

Hi to my new followers.

Tilda tutorials are coming soon.... Im working on these

Happy sewing

Friday, May 30, 2014

Feeling Blessed ..

I am a very proud Nanny
Being a Grandma is the best thing ever!

I love my boys... I have four boys of my own..
Two of them pictured here

I proud moment for me with my Grandson, his daddy and my second eldest son

Im in love

What a treasure!!!  
10lb 2oz
So proud of his mummy and daddy xxxx

Quilt Block

I love hand applique

I have quite abit of lovely linen fabric and I love linen and red together.

To use up some of my stash I am going to do some blocks as pictured... not all the same and make up a quilt.... Not sure who for... its just an extra project on the go  haha..  always different projects on the go.

Happy Creating

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Handspun Suri Alpaca Booties

I love to spin my own wool

I havnt done any for a while and I thought how Id love to get back into it.

I spun this Suri Alpaca... wow it is so very soft and snuggly

This is what Suri Alpaca look like.

I purchased carded Suri and spun it then knitted it into these precious little newborn booties. I highly recommend alpaca wool. 

Have you tried spinning yourself?
It is a rather frustrating craft to start with but once you know what you are doing it is very relaxing.

Happy Days to you

Monday, May 5, 2014

Chunky Baby Blanket

I made this chunky baby blanket for our new grandson that is due this weekend
Here's hoping he will come on time  

The above photo is of a bee crochet motif I made up. I couldnt find what I was looking for so made it as I went. The antenae are 3 dimensional

This is made with 3 strands of double knit wool

All finished.... the wool I used is so snuggly and soft

Im sure our little man will be all snug wrapped up in this

Also, I would like to thank you for your condolences in regards to the passing of my dad recently. Your comments, though I havnt replied to them over email, were very much appreciated.


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