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Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Tilda Bunny

I finished my bunny today
I wanted to show you the finished creation so maybe I could inspire some more of my readers to take part.
Im very happy with this little one.
I have used Tilda fabrics except for the body, that is made from linen.
The ric rac is Tilda, the button on the hat is Tilda also.

I had so much fun making this.
It only took me a few hours. 
Not very time consuming at all.

I am having another sewing flurry
so I have to strike while the iron is hot, as the saying goes.

Happy creating


Michelle said...

She is very sweet.. love the linen colour you used.

AnitaS said...

I like her very much. So sorry I could not join.

titti73 said...

Very beautifull!!!

shez said...

how cute Lisa,sorry i have just come back from my daughters so i will see if i get some time in the next week,could you show us how the hat goes together i remember the last one that i made i had trouble with the hat,thanks Lisa.xx

Heleen said...

This is so cute!!! I love the bunny.

Quilt Kitty said...

She is adorable! xx

Indigo Blue said...

I have a Tilda book, I think I should find it and have a go at one of the projects. Lovely work.

whistlebet57 said...

Ohhhh How cute. I love the hat

sunny said...

She's adorable!

Susan said...

How do I get a pattern to join? Ok maybe not for this one but the next?


I love your blog, I didn't mean to skip that out lol

Created by Essie said...

What a sweety.

Wish you a nice weekend


Laura said...

Hi Lisa,
Your Tilda bunny is very cute and sweet, I love the fabrics, everything is beautiful.
I'm working in mine, very soon I will let you know, so far I'm enjoying it a lot.
Send you a big hug

Lynn B said...

Hi Lisa,

I am behind on my blog reading and I have just been catching up with your posts. I love the Tilda bunny, it is so cute. I too am considering starting a Tilda project, I am going to do one of the dolls over the next few weeks.
You have some wondeerful projects on here, I love the patterns you have recently purchased.

Congratulations on your Silver Wedding too!

Lynn B

Charlie and Wendy said...

Your bunny is gorgeous, so tempting to have a bunny sewn for Easter! I love the new look of your blog too.

Bregit said...


Arianne Arianne said...

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Congratulations and thank you

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